Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Viola Swamp


When I saw this photo I took of Greensprings again this morning, I couldn't help but think of a character out of a series of children's books I used to read to my children. Miss Nelson (aka Viola Swamp) was a substitute teacher. Viola Swamp was a strict substitute teacher who always instilled order in a class full of rambunctious kids whenever Miss Nelson, the class' regular teacher, was away. So much so that the children always looked forward to Miss Nelson's return.

I personally can't ever remember a substitute teacher like "the Swamp". For me, it was always the other way around. It was the regular teacher who brought order out of the chaos the substitute teacher left behind. As an older adult, I now have a deeper appreciation for all that teachers, regular and substitute, have to go through to educate our children. As they say, if you can read this blog, thank a teacher! :-)


  1. Es la única profesión que prepara a los niños, para estar a la altura, de las distintas opciones que nos da la vida. Ellos establecen una base sólida, para los que van a estudiar, ingeniería, arquitectura, medicina y en los diversos estudios, que se puede adquirir en la vida. También la formación profesional, es una buena opción.

  2. I wouldn't want to be a teacher.

  3. Being a teacher today is hard. The amount of money they make is terrible and then there is the violence to deal with. I knew a substitute teacher once and after a few years of doing it, she quit because of the lack of good pay.

  4. Indeed! I would not want to be a substitute teacher.


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