Saturday, March 25, 2023

Judge Tucker


There is a lot of U.S. and Virginia history (good and bad) embedded in this epitaph:

"Descended from Virginia's best blood, Judge Tucker was by birth and training a gentleman of the old school. He filled with credit and distinction positions of trust and dignity. Was judge of the U.S. Court in the Territory of Missouri, and after his return to his native State was the Professor of Law in the College of Williams and Mary till his death. His influence in developing the minds and character of his pupils was a prominent trait in his character. He was a ready, accurate, and elegant writer. He was hospitable, benevolent, and charitable. And his honor and integrity was without a stain. This eminent scholar and author: upright Judge, learned jurist, constant friend, affectionate Husband and father, died as he lived, a Sage, a Patriot, and a Christian." 


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