Thursday, June 22, 2023



Spotted this specimen on a trail near my home. Not too difficult to figure out how it got its name:

"The small, inconspicuous flowers of Jack-in-the-pulpit are borne on a fleshy, spike-like inflorescence called a spadix ('Jack'), which is enclosed (or nearly enclosed) by a large, sometimes colorful bract called a spathe ('pulpit'). The flowers are clustered around the base of the spadix inside the spathe. A sterile spadix appendix protrudes from the mouth of the spathe tube. The appendix is covered by the leafy tip of the spathe, referred to as the spathe hood (or spathe lamina). The lip along the mouth of the spathe tube, used as a landing platform for winged insects, is called the spathe flange." -- Wikipedia


  1. Muy interesante la informaciĆ³n, de esas bellas plantas.

    Un abrazo

  2. It's a lovely plant. We have them here too.


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