Sunday, April 30, 2023



I've "tunneled" through about half of Mitchell's book now and I'm not about to quit before I'm done. Of course, the subject is of deep interest to me because of my own experiences passing back and forth across the Berlin Wall in the 1970s. Mentions of Checkpoint Charlie, Friederichstra├če, VoPos, all bring back vivid and even life-changing moments for me, but I also appreciate the details Mitchell brings to light here surrounding how Easterners attempted and, in some cases, actually succeeded in escaping the GDR. Very much worth your reading, especially considering Vladimir Putin's attempt to drag us all into the past.


  1. I read a book about Tunnel 29 by Helena Merriman, it was good.

    1. That book (Tunnel 28?) and the movie, The Tunnel, gets several mentions in Mitchell's account.

  2. Interesting. I met a home improvement worker who escaped from East Germany by crossing a river at night. All he took with him was his motorcycle jacket.


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