Sunday, April 2, 2023



Dry-rotted and wearing thin, it was time again to replace my car tires. But which tires to get? And where to get them?

Those are the questions I faced on Thursday. Friday, I finally decided against simply asking my dealership to answer them. Instead, I went down to my friendly Goodyear Auto Service Center where, I think, I got a better deal. Better selection and better add-ons, like free wheel balancing and rotations as well as three years of free wheel alignments. The latter isn't so important, as I rarely need wheel alignments. Still, all of that came with maybe $100 off the price I probably would have paid at the dealership. So maybe it really does pay to shop around?


  1. Dealerships always seem to be expensive.

    1. One of the things I observed yesterday when I had my tires installed was how that company had exactly one person interfacing with the customer. Just one, where as the dealership had people opening the door and greeting you, another to check in your car, another to handle your paperwork, and all that before you finally got around to the guys (gals?) who actually did the work. I'm no accountant, but I figure that amounts to a WHOLE lot of overhead!

  2. Antes de hacer una operación de compra, hay que pedir presupuesto en varios sitios, ya que varían de un taller a otro.


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