Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Made in America


Did you watch last night's State of the Union Address? I confess that I didn't; it aired too late for me. I did, though, see a clip this morning of Biden's speech in which he emphasized the importance of using American made products to rebuild and to improve this country's infrastructure. 

I have no problem with that. Seems like something we've been trying to do since even colonial days when most of our products were still being imported from places like the home country (England) and/or from elsewhere. Even then, it would seem, we were in the midst of a global economy with all its attendant advantages and disadvantages.

Back then, though, the best we could do was to produce things like tobacco. Manufacturing was still a distant dream. Most of that stuff came from back "home." And I understand you had to wait a pretty long time for things to arrive. No Amazon Prime or FedEx back then. Shoot! I'm guessing half the stuff you ordered never arrived; it just sank offshore somewhere in a storm. 

Nope! I'm all for re-invigorating our domestic economy. Just don't throw out the tea. Please! Don't throw out the tea. I enjoy it too much. :-)


  1. Seguramente lo emitirá, más de una vez, los servicios informativos de tv. Nunca es tarde para encontrar la emisión.
    Muy interesante la visión, tras los cristales de esa ventana.

  2. Who can pass on tea?

    I think it is wise under present circumstances to minimize trading and imports from China.

  3. I'm drinking tea as I type this. :)

  4. I like to buy things made on our continent, at least, but other than food it is difficult to find.


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