Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Trail's End



Surprising end to my hiking adventure. Near the end, a hiker stumbled and fell on the trail's loose rocks (probably worn out by her earlier ascent), suffering a contusion to her face, although no one could be certain that her injuries weren't any worse. Fortunately, I had a first aid kit with me, something I now always carry with me whenever I'm hiking in the backcountry after having witnessed a number of other such mishaps. 

Anyway, with the help of another hiker or two, we soon got the injured hiker back on her feet and accompanied her to the trail's end. Always good to hike these trails with others when you can because one never ever knows what might lurk just around the next turn.


  1. Great shot! That's good advice to know, I'd hate to be hurt and by myself.

  2. She is lucky that you were there to aid her.


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